Monday, March 24, 2008

The Yearlings Homecoming Gig

The Yearlings Homecoming Gig
Saturday 5th April
The Wheatsheaf Hotel,
39 George St, Thebarton SA
9-11.30pm with Rosie Burgess

Following their stint in the US to perform at the prestigious New York Guitar Festival, and recording their upcoming third album, The Yearlings return home to Adelaide and will celebrate at their homecoming show at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday 5th April, with Rosie Burgess.

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Values for a Sustainable Planet

Values for a Sustainable Planet    2008 SYMPOSIUM

28th, 29th & 30th April, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Pilgrims Church, 12 Flinders St Adelaide

PROFESSOR MICHAEL NORTHCOTT (Ethics – University of Edinburgh. Activist, ethicist, author of A MORAL CLIMATE: The Ethics of Global Warming) WILL SPEAK EACH NIGHT and will be supported by panel members.


Professor Mike Young (Water management – University of Adelaide) &

Professor Barry Brook (Global Warming – University of Adelaide)


Assoc. Professor Sue Carthew (Environmental Science – University of Adelaide) & John Sibly, Former Chair, SA Conservation Council


Lorraine Caruso (CEO Oxfam Trading) &

Lily Pearce (Fair Trade activist)


If you are concerned about the future of our world these sessions will assist you to understand your choices for action

Further Information from the church office: 8212 3295

..turning away from the ecologically destructive path on which humanity is headed requires humility and a

preparedness to change direction in response to the clear signs of impending danger.

Michael Northcott- A MORAL CLIMATE

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upcoming experimental concerts in adelaide

just a quick note to let you know about upcoming experimental concerts in adelaide.
hope you can spread the word and indeed make it to some of the shows.
we’re proud to be presenting these artists with help from anthony pateras and robin fox’s MIBEM series.
thursday march 27: christian pruvost is a young improvising trumpeter from lille.
he gets some very strange sounds of out his instrument, exploring the sonic spectrum from very soft breathing to jolts of ecstatic noise.
supporting him will be free saxophonist derek pascoe, and guitar experimenters scott o’hara and dane hirsinger.
it’s a diverse bill and certainly one worth checking out in the intimate surrounds of gallery de la catessen.
thursday april 3: for those of you up for something heavier and more visceral, daniel menche (portland, oregon) will immerse the jade monkey with his ‘physical sound’ approach. menche is a self-taught noise composer, and one of the very best practicioners of the almighty drone.
supporting him will be bitches of zeus, dielikeagod (shaun duncan from white tiger) and portraits (feat. members of space bong). also selections from dj blood sausage. thursday april 3. doors at 9pm. $12 entry.
to those that ’enjoyed’, runelstirn & gurgelstock, dave phillips and wolf eyes, do not miss this.
monday april 7: valerio tricoli (palermo, italia) is quite simply a genial artist. he divides his time between his solo works, his improvising quartet 3/4hadbeeneliminated, and engineering albums for dean roberts, autistic daughters, stefanio pilia and andrea belfi. it appears everything he touches turns to gold.
tricoli’s work echoes classic 60s tape music, and includes passages of ethereal free improv and tightly edited noise. highly recommended.
support comes from kynan lawlor and interzone express (daniel varricchio and patrick saracino).  for details. 
chris smith (melbourne: iconic guitar outsider. rare performance)
philip jeck (UK: acclaimed deconstructing turntablist)
alex masso and peter farrar (sydney: fiery free improv duo – drums and sax)
rafael toral (portugal: ‘space program’ founder and electronics wiz)
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

5 years on and still Iraqis die

Thursday 20 March 2008 – in 3 shifts – morning, midday, afternoon                                                                                         

Mark the 5th anniversary of the war on Iraq

Australian combat troops are finally coming home, but as this awful anniversary approaches, little has changed for the Iraqi people who have continued to suffer since 20 March 2003.  Some estimates are that over a million Iraqi people have died as a direct result of this illegal war that is continued by the US led invaders.  Joseph E. Stiglitz, the former Chief Economist of the World Bank and his colleague Linda Bilmes have estimated that the cost to the US alone of the war on Iraq will be 3 trillion dollars.  US Republican presidential candidate John McCain recently said it would “be fine with me” if US troops remained in Iraq for 100 years.  In spite of all this, the Bush Administration, US military industrial interests and the US media are building a case for an assault on Iran.

Send the message that we want this war to end!

Register for a “shift” in the moving protest!


The moving protest

We will walk continuously across the pedestrian lights when they turn green at the North Terrace-King William Street intersection in Adelaide, while holding relatively small, light weight placards (see photo above) and peace flags. 

We hope to do this in three different time slots or “shifts” on the day (depending on numbers registered).

This would require about 1 and half hours of your time (1 hour walking, plus assembly time and dispersal time).

This kind of protest has proved very successful in the past and it protects protesters because they are pedestrians moving lawfully across the road at the correct time.  They just keep crossing the same intersection.  This is also effective because many motorists and other pedestrians “get the message” and many of them have supported us in our previous moving protests by tooting their car horns or joining in as pedestrians.

We have taken legal advice about this kind of protest and it appears that there is little possibility of there being any problems.

These are the time slots: 7:30am-8:30am; 12-1pm; 5pm-6pm.

NoWar has sufficient placards and flags.  The slogans contain messages relating to the loss of life and the chaos that 5 years of war have brought to the Iraqi people as well as messages about the possible war on Iran.

NoWar will coordinate everything, all you need to do is turn up at a designated point, take a placard and walk across the four points of the intersection for an hour.  Then you can leave the area.  NoWar will collect the placards at the end of the hour.

We need as many people as possible to do the three time slots.  If you are able to attend any of the above sessions, please let us know by emailing  by the end of the day on March 16.

Once we have the names and details of those of you who will be attending and have worked out the “shifts” we will email you with the arrangements.

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Public Meeting

Palm Sunday – 16 March 2-4pm

Location: Friends Meeting House, 40a Pennington Terrace North Adelaide

Topic: Australian troops are coming home, but have we palmed off our responsibility for the war on Iraq?

Speakers: David Palmer, Senior Lecturer in American Studies, Flinders University

                 Renfrey Clarke, Committee Member, NoWar

The speakers will address Australian and US foreign policy on Iraq and Afghanistan

Live Music by Jane Bower

Refreshments available after meeting

Gold coin donation

This meeting is part of the world wide actions on Palm Sunday against the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan

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SCALA Saturday Showcase

Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association Inc
Saturday Showcase – Live Original Music (since 22 November 1987)

Venue: The JOINERS ARMS Hotel, 9 Manton St, Hindmarsh

SCALA Saturday, 15 March 2008
Clayton Werner, Cal Williams Jr, Special Too, The Ultraviolets

NOTE: no program on 22 March – Easter – or 29 March (private function at Joiners)

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1:30-2:30 Tuesdays
Allan Scott Auditorium, City West Campus, Uni SA

Hot on the heels of Artist Week, the South Australian School of Art launches the ‘home and away’ series of ARTISTSPEAK 2008 with Adelaide born, Berlin based creator of the Festival icon (go, you little dynamo, go), the dynamic MICHAEL KUTSCHBACH [March 11].

In the following weeks we have the great pleasure of introducing fresh faces to our shores, with Danish ceramicist ANN LINNEMANN [March 18] and Japanese performance/installation artist SATSUKI TANAKA [March 25].

Finally we catch up on the recent UK exploits of local golden boy ANDREW BEST, before he departs again for the next chapter in his rocketing global career [April 1].

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Akoustic Odyssey at the Wheatsheaf Hotel

After three successful shows at the Irish Club, Akoustic Odyssey are due to perform at the Wheatsheaf Hotel from 8pm on the Adelaide Cup Holiday on the 10th of March.
This show is part of the Summer Hipnote Sessions for COMA (Creative Original Music Adelaide) and they will be performing with MODULE from Melbourne – a duo that has been described as ‘Muddy Waters meets Kraftwerk’.
Tickets are only $8 or $5 for COMA members and can be purchased at the door.
The show will be held in the very comfortable and accessible beer garden of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George Street, Thebarton.  Akoustic Odyssey will be performing from approximately 8:15pm.
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Friday, March 7, 2008

What’s On, this week at Higher Ground Inc, 9-15 Light Square

The Fringe Club Cabaret 2008
Acts on this week include Elly from Ozstar Airlines, Pluck, Dave Callen, William Snell aka Billy T, Monski Mouse…
Fri         7            Various Fringe Acts            Swayback (Rock)
Sat        8            Various Fringe Acts            Dr Teeth (Funk)
Sun       9            Various Fringe Acts            The Fiddle Chicks (Folk)

Inhabited Jessie Boylan (images) Bilbo Taylor (audio)

A Stab in the Dark
Gypsy Pants
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse
Seven Seconds (In God We Trust)
The Gecko Enforcer

Higher Ground Inc, 9-15 Light Square Adelaide SA 5000  T: 08 8232 2570

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The Umbrella Event venue re-location due to heatwave!

Friday 7 March 2008 11am – 6pm

Ridley Centre, Adelaide Showground, Goodwood Rd, Wayville

Arts Access SA the presenter of High Beam Global’s The Umbrella Event had an colour, sounds, activity and excitement event planned

for today at Victoria Square.

However, in the interest of public safety due to the heatwave, Arts Access SA has just secured the Adelaide Showground to re-locate so

that all can still experience one of the most colourful events of 2008.


This FREE community event provides a wonderful and vibrant celebration of arts. There will be opportunity for fringe goers to

participate in a variety of activities including; umbrella decorating, percussion workshops or sound scape workshops.

The event remains in it basic format with sensational performances by a variety of musical groups on the main stage and a range

entertainment by street performers including the clown doctor as you wander around enjoying the spectacularly decorated umbrellas

developed as a community project by people with a disability.

A Public Meeting about arts and disability issues will also feature as part of The Umbrella Event, from 2-4pm with Keynote Speakers

Josette Bushel-Mingo Artistic Director from Tyst Teatern (Sweden) and Laurence Clark, Comic (UK)

Don’t miss this “COOL” free fringe event – be part of the fun at the Royal Adelaide showgrounds

To find out all that’s in store visit  or collect a program from your nearest Venue*Tix outlet.

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